Monday, June 29, 2009

summer in the city

Pictures are from:
-Kerry Park in Queen Anne
-Summer Solstice Parade

3 more weeks of summer school.
5 more weeks till epic road trip from LA to Chicago
6 more weeks till seeing PASSION PIT perform at House of Blues in Chicago.
and three extra weeks of searching for the elusive American Dream from Milwaukee all the way to wherever Yusuf aka Cat Steven's Wind takes us.

I have decided to push back graduation. I'm going to be done fall quarter of 2010 instead of spring. I'm going to do study abroad instead. I'm thinking... Prague, Sweden, Ghana or Brussels.

Summer in the city, I'm so lonely lonely lonely
I've been hallucinating you, babe, at the backs of other women
And I tap on their shoulder and they turn around smiling
But there's no recognition in their eyes.

Peace and love. Happy Summerin'.


TomatoOnWheat said...

And the castrated ones
Stand in the corner smokin'
They wanna feel the bulges in their pants start to rise

O when it's summer in the city
And you're so long gone from the city,
I start to miss you, Baby, sometimmmmess

dun dun dun

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