Monday, November 23, 2009

Rise up

First blog post of fall quarter - soon to be winter quarter (thank goodness)

I do not know why I am writing in this now. The ultimate procrastination tool is to blog... and I am definitely not in the mood to finish this philosophy paper on Thus Spoke Zarathustra right now.

So what hearts? What news? Speak, young love!

If you ask me tomorrow, I would say yes. Stupid answer, but the answer remains the same nonetheless. We are young and in love, and yes, we are both very stupid.

I am purchasing a plane ticket to New Orleans for spring break. Getting funky in the French quarter district and sleeping in hostels. I expect southern hospitality and good authentic street jazz.

I am spending Thanksgiving with Alex's family in Olympia. He insists on me being there (though I have a deep fear of meeting the 'family') - I have no idea how he puts up with me. We plan on bringing some kind of apple fennel pudding to the dinner. Very all-American, I know - but his family is definitely all-American.

Reconsidering my career (what else is new). Working for the Spectator has given me a new perspective on journalism - more like an epiphany. I am once again, at a lost. (Again, what else is new!)

To graduate by fall quarter 2010 or not? That is the big question.