Thursday, April 8, 2010

ah, so that's it.

I am attempting to make a slow reemergence back into the blogosphere. I do know not know why, considering I pump out about three articles a week on top of school and work, mayhaps because this writing is only for me?

I am unsure if I will be creating marathon blogs as I am known for, but maybe just quick jots of my thoughts throughout the day. Think of it as a lengthier version of my Twitter account. I don't think anyone still reads this anymore nor have I made an announcement to my (one) reader, but I think it's better that way. You can be my audience for now.

Recommendations: I suggest everyone listen to Broken Bells and the newest Cave Singers album. They are both on repeat because it is fabulous. Cave Singers is more for welcoming spring and summer, Broken Bells is more for getting drunk to. I highly suggest listening to "Citizen" from Broken Bells and "Summer Light" from Cave Singers (am also currently learning this song on guitar!).

Updates: Nabbed a job for the City of Seattle. Officially registered as a public affairs minor (my quick stint as a computer science major resulted in me dropping the class after the first half hour). Newest writer for out my articles! I will be slowly trying to create a network throughout the hill and maybe trying to find a beat I can follow. Still writing for The Spectator. Am now a Gates Student scholar and will be going to my first seminar tomorrow and doing field work on family homelessness in Seattle--I am a weird coalesce of nerves and excitement. My official title is assistant producer for PBS Newshour with Jim Lehrer...damn! UC Berkeley here I come! Be impressed! Please! (Or U of Chicago) kthx.

I think for the first time I am excited for the future. Spring will bring Sasquatch, more 21st birthday celebrations, roommate birthday celebrations, weddings, geez, who knows what else? Summer will be spent in India with one of my favorite professors. 3 weeks with her, 2 additional weeks traveling througout southern India just on our own. May I be forever blessed with the luxury on being able to travel and see such beauty in the world! Should I bring my traveling guitar? Or is that too much...

One more year in college. Thank goodness.

Hm, I believe that is it for now. I am obviously procrastinating, but at least this was a good distraction.

Flash mob dance practice tomorrow--Saturday is when they show up for three secret locations in Sesattle. Will u b participatin'?

Your pal,