Sunday, June 21, 2009


Carolyn Huynh is a junior at Seattle University and is currently working towards a B.A. in journalism. Her aspirations consist of writing faux journalism for The Onion and penning an Oprah Book Club-worthy novel. She is not interested in The New York Times. She enjoys traveling, the environment,, science-fiction, and pretending that she is actually going to make it in life.

This was the hardest thing I ever had to write. I didn't even make it to 200 words. I know nothing about myself. I don't know what my interests or hobbies are. I do not know why I am going into journalism. Or why I like writing. I did however feel like the world's biggest douche trying to write this. Very Charlie Kaufman circa Adaptation. Narcissism at its greatest.

I am currently in Stumptown stealing internet (I forgot what life without internet is like. I feel like a raging philistine.)

I am battling allergies left and right. My immune system has forsaken me. I am susceptible to everything now. Dirt, air, dust, idiocy, the outside world in general.

Anyway, summer solstice parade was awesome. It was the closet thing I'm going to get to any action this summer. Being pervy and watching a bunch of old nekkid people riding around on bikes.

My life is sad. I'm off on a quest to see if any photo specialist can get my film developed. (It had gotten overexposed in my Ricoh and Walgreen's was unable to mend it. :(. Very disappointing.)

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