Thursday, June 18, 2009

Carry on, Wayward Woman

What is the point of blogs/blogging? Yeah, they're supposed to be America's salvation, a public diary of sorts, the poster child for the first amendment, the murderer of print media... whatever. Am I so narcissistic to believe that people actually want to read about my boring plebian lifestyle? People write in blogs because they couldn't get published anywhere else. True story. Got rejected from The New Yorker when I was 16. But then again everyone gets rejected from the New Yorker. It's just the poor writer's excuse to continue to wallow in self-pity. Hell, I've been using the same excuse for four years.

I've become a cliche. A hackneyed hack of a human being. Wait, stop me if I'm being my cyclical cynical self! :)!

I return to Seattle tomorrow. I am not sure if I want to leave (first time that feeling has ever crept into my mindset). I feel comfortable here. Sheltered. I stay up till 6 in the morning, puttering around my room, reading sci-fi books by the fistful, watching instant-play Netflix movies with Xxxtina's account... See, here in my old childhood room, I don't have to deal with stupid people. I don't have to deal with dumb boys or crazy girls - all my troubles have been stored away in Seattle.

For the first time in my life, I feel quite content with California. I will miss everyone dearly - this past week has been bizarre and has made me [metaphorically] teary-eyed thinking about leaving.

My family is still the same. A gathering of the oddest group of people to ever be categorized as a family. They are all still suffering from self-esteem issues, paranoia, bi-polarism, depression, etc ... and just recently I have found out, high-blood pressure. Family's family. And once again, my dog is still the only sane one out of the bunch. I will miss them all. Affection isn't something we Huynhs' like to practice, but there is a silent understanding amidst all the yelling and sarcastic comments that we care for each other. (I think.)

I start school again on Monday. Will it never cease! My grades for this past quarter were once again, mediocre. Straight B's and one B+. Doing the bare minimum has lost its appeal to me. Don't let my apathetic exterior fool you, I actually do want to be successful in life. And yes, I do want to get into law school. I am an intelligent person, I just never purposely chose to utilize it towards my educational career. I need to raise my GPA. I can't wait to be done with Seattle in a year. If all goes well, and I actually man up and take control of my life - I will hopefully be studying in Boston soon enough.

I still cannot believe that I'm a junior. In college. I turn 20 in September (I know, I'm young). My god. Now isn't the time for an Alex Kasper mid-life crisis moment. But holy shit? Everyone I know turns 21 this year. I can now go bar hopping with friends instead of with Drug Lord of Seattle U. This excites me to no end. Fwiends are nice.

Boo to summer school. Yay for everything else. I am volunteering at Richard Hugo House for ZAPP publishing this summer. STOKED. Will also continue sad quest for summer job. Pumped for road trip. Christina's sister, Crystal, is moving to Chicago - so she has given us (aka Dumb and Dumber) the task of moving her Prius from LA to Chicago. 2077 miles nonstop. Crossing 6 or 7 states. Lots of booze. No money for motels. Dirty as hell. Should be a riot. Will probably spend a week in Chicago and then visit neighboring cities. I assume... Omaha, Milwaukee (we can visit the cabin where Bon Iver locked himself up in!), Cincinnati, Minneapolis - though I really want to go to Mississippi, but that might be out of the way.. I estimate at least a month of traveling looking for that flighty temptress, the so-called American Dream.

Ah! it is 3:23 in the morning. I have wasted precious time from watching episodes of Death Note.

Seattle, I will see you later.

To end this pointless blog on a cuter note:

Buckley says hello. : )

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