Tuesday, June 9, 2009

My fellow Americans

"The press is the enemy. The establishment is the enemy. The professors are the enemy."
-Richard Nixon

Changing my major. The press is the enemy. So are the two journalism professors I've managed to piss off. I have managed to make enemies with the smallest department at SU. There are only three journalism professors and two of them aren't too keen on me (there were many reasons at play, I do not wish to divulge what I said/did/etc. It is not my fault they think I am an insolent self-righteous prick with a laissez-faire attitude on constructive criticism.) The other one is leaving next year on sabbatical (and she was the only one that thought I had the chops to make it). Right now, I am either considering going into political science or computer science. Poli sci majors are usually douches. Computer science majors like to program. I am a douchebag and like to mess around with coding. Perfect. I am still taking the LSATs in December, so my douchebag level will only be intensified with time. It was inevitable that I would eventually succumb to the inner douche inside of me.

Thank the Alpha and the Omega that this quarter is over. While I am leaving journalism behind next school year, I ironically got hired by the Spectator to be on their staff for the 09-10 school year. $900-1000 a quarter? I'll take it. If I can't defend myself in a classroom, I'll defend myself through a Jesuit-run school newspaper.

I leave for California in two days. Am more than happy to be out of this hell-hole and leave behind a life of insolvency for a full-size bed, bad tv, familiar faces, my dog, and a mother who will give me money to buy food. No more cruddy bed sans a bed frame, no more one-meal-a-day, no more sad attempts at scouting for a job... no more college cliches, si'l vous plait. Though, I am coming back in a week, so it's not like I can escape this shitty life 4ever. An unmediated vacation is always nice though. A protracted vacation would be nicer.

Current interests:
-sci-fi. Watched the entire season of Firefly in one day. Loved it. Reminded me a lot of Cowboy Bebop. And I love Cowboy Bebop. Am going back to the basics of sci-fi. i.e. reading Ender's Game by Orson Scott Card.
-Star Trek. Okay, I hate to be one of those people that suddenly become interested in a cult-classic because they made a blockbuster movie out of it and slapped on a high-profile director - but goddamnit, that movie was so good it made me interested in the series. I have seen a few episodes, but they were more of background noise for me while I did homework in high school. This time, it has my full attention. "Damnit Jim! I'm a doctor not a physicist!" Classy.
-Harry Potter. Am returning to my roots. Reread the 7th book in two days. Starting on the 6th book now. Sort of going in reverse? You know: Harry kills Voldemort, Dumbledore dies, Harry kisses the Asian chick, Cedric dies, Harry finds out he has a godfather, Harry kills a big snake, Harry finds out he's a wizard. All that good stuff.

Wow, I am a nerd..?

Off to Shinka to study for a bit. Afterwards will be going to the gun range tonight with Aubs, Cherl, and Alex S. to hold and shoot a gun for the first time. It's ladies night - free rentals.

There are only two sure ways to kill a man: with a woman or with a .45 caliber gun. Choose your weapon.


Ed said...

yes. probably tufts. in boston.

Carolyn said...

no way! I am considering tufts as well as a few other schools in the Boston area. When are you thinking of transferring?

TomatoOnWheat said...

I love Ender's Game. Have you read the other books?

Ed said...

prolly 2-3 years from now. lol after i get my bachelors :( :(

Cherlaine said...

ender's game is amazing!

Marco said...

You remind me of the song "Two Birds" by Regina Spektor.

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