Saturday, July 4, 2009

Wanderlust Queen

My simplest pleasures in life as of late consist of not having to wake up at 7:30 a.m., watching obscure 90s' rom-com movies (we're not talking about Sleepless in Seattle or When Harry Met Sally - we're talking old school John Cusack and Sarah Jessica Parker pre-Sex&theCity/wart days)... and finally, scotch! Yessir, scotch. I've become a big fan of Johnnie Walker Red Label these past few days and have enjoyed having a glass every night before I go to bed. The first taste of scotch I've ever had was freshman year of college. I was over at some unknown house in some part of Washington with some guy and he had handed me a cup with the slightest dash of scotch that was 100 years old. It tasted like class in my mouth. (That's what she said.)

As of right now, I am having a glass of scotch for Uhmerika's birthday. Later on tonight, I will be attending a rooftop party to catch the fireworks go off from Gasworks/the Space Needle from Katy's apartment roof. Her view is amazing, and easily without a doubt the best view in the city. To your right you have the Seattle skyline, behind you is a view of Bellevue and Lake Washington, to your left you have Mount Rainier. So perfect.

This is the most relaxed I've been in a few weeks. How can summer be so stressful? Marine biology + the spectator + richard hugo house= not enough time to dick around

Aubrey leaves on Monday for New Zealand. It's a sad day in Seattle to see her leave. Capitol Hill block party is coming up. SONIC YOUTH IS PERFORMING. So fucking STOKED beyond fucking belief. I have also renewed my account for World of Warcraft - do not laugh. Since I will be gone a good chunk of August, I was forced to drop the World of Warcraft class that I really wanted to take (it was supposed to be my communications elective). So, before I become completely disconnected from the world for a whole month, I am revamping old pleasures and gaining new ones.

I have very high expectations for the upcoming trip. I hope it will quench my terrible case of wanderlust that I've been harboring these past few months - or at least tide me over until I study abroad in the upcoming school year.

Here's to only two more weeks of summer school and then seeing Sonic Youth perform live, Chicago, and then Passion Pit on Aug 7.

I do not feel guilty about this at all. You walked out on me long before I said anything. I like that he thinks I'm pretty. Is that so wrong? This could be fun. Nothing serious, right? Maybe you could fix me. That'd be nice before you leave too. They always run.

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