Saturday, May 2, 2009

Lightning strikes, maybe once, maybe twice

I chickened out. Meeting at Pike Place then taking the water taxi to Alki? I'm not ready to move on. Not yet. Especially not with you.

Whatever happened to getting cheap coffee, a couple of smokes, some slices of Hot Mama's pesto pizza and talking at Cal Anderson? I'm a simple girl. There's no need to impress me. I'll buy my own coffee and slice of pizza - all you have to do is show up.

I canceled on him. There were many reasons at play. Mostly because I ran into Kelsey that day and she wanted me to cancel on him so she could set me up with someone else that night. So, I agreed. We drove to Renton Friday night and met up with some of her friends and the guy. It was a surprisingly pleasant night. There was no alcohol or pressure to 'party' - it consisted of drinking Dr. Pepper, playing Apples to Apples and eating frozen fries. He was charming. But there are lots of charming people out there. I drove Kelsey home and then we stopped by Alex's birthday party for five minutes to wish him happy birthday. Homeboy's hella old.

Are people taking pity on me? Thyvu's boy-toy intends on setting me up with some 6'2" jewish boy who uses an inhaler when I come down to CA in a few weeks.
I cannot tell if they are doing this because they love me and they genuinely think I will click with said set-up/blind-date boy or because I have been walking around with the world's saddest face. I am not quite sure why I agree either. It truly must be boredom. Or desperation. Or maybe because I'm hoping lightning will strike me again when I find someone I really like. Which I doubt will happen (at least not for awhile).

I am major procrastinating right now. I applied as a barista for Bon Appetit today and tried a vegan burger at Hillside Quickie's. My AP exam is on Monday and my history midterm is on Thursday. I am being forced to go to The Spectator meeting on Monday night and write an article for them. If you can't tell from this entry, I am listless and bored of life. I can't wait for California and the jewish boy who has apparently never gotten anything less than an A- in his entire life. He sounds like a real keeper.

Current songs on repeat:
Passion Pit - Better Things (thx Cherlaine for introducing)
Animal Collective - My Girls
Hot Chip - Keep Fallin'
Fleetwood Mac - Gypsy
PB&J - I want you!
Bob Dylan - Most of the Time
Hot Chip - In the Privacy of your Love

God is on my side. I know it. Whatever God means or represents, he's on my side.


cancer girl said...

I hope you enjoyed our gallavanting as much as I did.

dear eliza. said...

why doesn't anyone fucking set me up? jesus christ.

Friday, I'm in love... said...

Hey, it's your sister. I decided to start a blog because of you! Can't wait to see you at Sun God!

Marco said...

What Liz said.

When you come down to California, we need to talk.
Just you and me.