Wednesday, May 6, 2009


I am currently listening to Otis Redding, pounding some Session lager, and skimming through my history notes for my midterm tomorrow. so fucking stressed out.

I got an extension on my blog. It was shit. If you read my article you wouldn't be able to tell if I was joking or not. Jha was very nice about giving me a few more days to work on it. She also took me aside after class and told me that she thought my writing skills were very good and that she was recommending me for the Spectator staff position. what now, bitch! love you, Jha. you my girl.

I have gotten validation from my favorite professor. I feel very pleased. My ego has been boosted from -100 to -99.

I have a million and a half things to do within the next few days. I hate being on deadline. fucking stressin me out. My article for the Spectator is due at 2 pm on Saturday and one of the student bands performing at Quadstock hasn't responded to my email yet. I have three interviews with three different bands in the next two days - but the one band that I really need to talk to is being a little bitch. It's Quadstock not Coachella. This isn't Rolling Stone magazine, it's the goddamn Spectator. So get back to me! PLZ!

I've been running on sugar-free red bull, Stumptown french-pressed drip coffee, and many many cigarettes. Beer is my best friend. I am ODing on current affairs and being force-fed the NY Times. Ga Ga Loc's hong kong style chow mein is my current obsession. In general, I am keeping my mind busy to distract myself from thinking of him.

Tomorrow is a very boring day. I have to pick up my dry-cleaning, deposit a check, deposit some money into Thyvu's account, apply at Pete's Coffee and Tea, take my midterm, interview a student band, re-write my blog(s), go see the play(s) at the Lee center. etc etc.

I am sad to announce though that my trip to CA has been canceled. I don't really want to explain why. Goodbye Christina, I hope you enjoy Thailand. I'll probably never see you again. Nor will I ever meet 6'2" jewish boy (and he sounded so promising).

I'm done procrastinating. I really need to start studying now.

By the end of next week, I will have a job.

p.s. I think you're incredible.

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cancer girl said...

No CA trip??

Sorry I called you twice. Aki was here and we were hella bored and wanted to go back to the Hill together. I forgot you were doing the play and whatnot.