Thursday, April 30, 2009

sodom, san diego

I'm going to SUNGOD. I leave for CA May 13th and who knows when I'm coming back? Should be an epic road trip back and forth though. What about school you ask? Yeah, what about school. There are more important things in life. Like, self-discovery. Or, chugging beer for 19 hours straight while making Cherlaine drive. Kinda like what happened in Canada.

"Who reeks of alcohol?"
"That would be Carolyn."

so stoked to see Girl Talk, Iron & Wine and Xxxtina (my new nickname for Christina) and Thyvu esp. Home is home - no matter how hard you try to escape. I hope to return to Seattle a little bit more drunk and with a clearer mind about what I want. Maybe UCSD will reflect U of M's crazy drunken riots. YAAAH DRUNK COLLEGE KIDS LIKE TO SMASH THINGS AND BE LAWLESS. SPRINGTIME.

I'm also camping out at Sasquatch memorial day weekend. I have no ticket to the actual festival but I don't really care. LOTS OF DRUGS PLZ. I'm still crossing my fingers for a cheaper ticket on Craigslist or someone scalping them around the festival. but I don't really care either way - nothing can beat yester year's sasquatch journey. I just want to drink beer and take questionable substances.

My mother is pleased to see me soon though. I heard through the grapevine (and by grapevine I mean a phonecall from my sister) that she is preparing for my arrival and the arrival of my friends to come crash for a weekend. She assumed once I had left for college, she was never going to see me again. Lucky for her, I'm sick of Seattle and in desperate need of an escape. Obedient good asian daughter that I am. Joy Luck Club style.

I applied for a staff position for the 09-2010 Spectator year. Why am I doing this? Because I'm apparently a journalism major and that's what you do. I don't know why I'm doing it. I have no real reason. Except maybe boredom.

I may have to get rid of this blog soon though or at least make it private (how do you make it private?). I can't write about my drunken debauchery nights and have it come haunt me later on in life. NO BLACKMAIL PLZ. I'm bout readies to go out into the real world and do something called 'work'... prof. Jha warned us about our personal blogs. She basically said "get rid of them - you'll regret it later on in life".

I have no other real updates in my life - cept that Iron & Wine is playing a free in-store concert on Cap. Hill's Sonic Boom next Tuesday at 6. BE THERE cause I will!

Oh and P.S.

ALEX CASPER'S BIRTHDAY ON FRIDAY. There's going to be a goddamn riot at the Wayward House Friday night. IF YOU ARE READING THIS YOU, YOUR MOTHER AND YOUR SISTER ARE INVITED TO COME. Come have sex in the bathroom, snort peyote, do a pony-keg stand, hook up with random strangers, play guitar, make noise, start a fight, be young, let loose... or be a goddamn wallflower if you want to - DOESN'T MATTER. Contact one of us for details or just fucking show up.

BYOB is recommended though. we're not your fucking servants.


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