Thursday, March 5, 2009

Dear dirtbag in the mirror,

-being sober
-my cruddy mattress
-being fatty unemployed loser/bum
-crazy ICP clowns that parade around being poets that are preventing me from going back to old crummy job of delivering pizzas to yuppie scums of capitol hill area
-being forced to debate between wearing shoes or sandals every morning when I take a look at the weather. there's no point, rain, I'm always gonna pick sandals.
-school/hardwork. either or
-my sociology group
-constantly waiting for spring break to come - but finally realizing that it is NEVER going to come. my dream of taking the MOST obscene perverted nap ever is being dashed repeatedly by the titties
-thinking about the future
-job hunting

-napping with you
-experimenting with vegetarian dishes
-squatting by the reflection pool for fatty ciggie break
-making futures plans about the bar. aka 'gimli's'
-simple living
-the occasional rare rays of sunshine on my back
-D.H. Lawrence
-sneak-attacking dogs at the dog park
-being awake at night when everyone is asleep

Aubrey is talking in her sleep again. She just asked me 'did you want blue for your background picture?' I laughed uproariously because I knew she wasn't directing the question at me. It's never directed at me. I just prod her along asking her mindless questions hoping to get some kind of interesting response. I once asked her: "do you like to touch penguins?"

Enough procrastinating. I must write this paper. fuckin sociology.

Your very irritated pal,
Carolyn K. Huynh

P.S. Put some ice packs underneath your eyes. The whole 'haven't slept in days' look is disgusting. You are scum. How you ever got a man is beyond explanation.

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TomatoOnWheat said...

Did you know Sydney Pollack directed Out of Africa? Remember those pretentious turds talking about him in Bright Spot?

ANyway, you aren't half as bad as those idiots

Hope you're doing well and are you still planning on coming down for coachella?