Tuesday, March 10, 2009

Dear Christina

You have convinced me to write more in my blog. It truly didn't take much to make me update - I have a project to work on and some communication theories to memorize. You just happened to be the instigator that provided another procrastination route I can take besides reading articles from The Onion and Facebook stalking my boyfriend (just kidding, Austin... but not really.)

I have decided to change majors. I hate journalism. Farewell ghastly and bleak future of writing obituaries and wedding announcements! I am switching to Napology. It has promise... though, it's a lot of hard work. I estimate that I would have to study (i.e. take an outrageous fatty nap) around 4-5 hours a day. I don't know if I can handle it... I don't know how good the department is at Seattle University. I should contact some professors and set up a few meetings so I can learn more about the philosophy of Napology; the problem is that I can never contact them during the day... they're always out in the field taking naps. It is just such a brand new profession, I am worried that I won't get a job right away after college. But, it's a chance I'm going to take because I am so impassioned about Napology. I figure I can just get an internship at the local kindergarten school. There's no pay, but I'll be able to get experience at Nap Time.

Nothing really new and earthquake shakin' has happened in my life. Well, I went in for my second interview as a waitress at Pho Tai today. Let me just tell you about the little Vietnamese restaurant on Pine St. across the street from Bauhaus Coffee + Books... it's hella sketch. The first question the guy asked me "would you prefer to be paid in check or cash?" Now, my ignorant yuppie middle-classed ass was confused and responded with, "whatever is easiest for you..." Turns out it was secret immigrant speak that basically decodes to "do you have a greencard and if not, we can pay you under the table and you won't be taxed for it."

After that, I am pretty sure my sad little future has been sealed. That was the defining moment for all future jobs I will take in my life.

Listening to some music of the indie-girl rock persuasion and am debating doing a big fuckall to gross pile of horseshit in front of me. It isn't hard since I hella skipped this morning and am not quite sure what exactly is in the pile of horseshit nor do I really care to sift through the pile to figure out what I have to do.

I cannot wait for this week to be over. My only wish right now is to be able to score free food at the dumpster behind Trader Joe's and to be blessed with sunshine, puppies, and Jews.

Hope you are doing well, Aphrodite... I mean... Christina.


dear eliza. said...

i love and hate everything you just said at the same time and this is hard for me.

so glad you have a greencard.

i also hate cowboys.

Marco said...

I second that emotion.
bitch, where's my blog?
not like you're too busy doing schoolwork...