Monday, January 5, 2009

Who will fight?

The same song is on repeat. Thank you kindly, Cherlainewoman, for introducing me to Bon Iver. I enjoy his music a lot. It snowed in Seattle last night. Gosh, it sure was fun. I love that Seattle people don't know how to handle snow... they freak out at the smallest snowflake; it's kinda funny. I haven't attempted to drive in the snow yet, I think I'd rather just not...

First day of a new quarter/(not really) year. I don't know how I feel about it. I guess I'm just burnt out on the idea of college and yet another writing class I have to take. My professor is ballin' though, a bit awkward, and I suspect his mind is somewhat deteriorating, but goddamn that man loves to write. lol, he has suggested we all start blogs to improve on our writing. oh, prof. G, if you only knew the bullshit I write about in my blogs. random shit nobody really cares about. just an extension of what I think about daily, what constantly runs through my mind all day. I blog at strange times and mostly for no reason at all. there is usually no plot.... kinda like this particular blog that I am currently tapping away at my Macbook right now.

prof. G: I quit smoking 30 years ago. It got to the point where I couldn't begin to write unless I smoked a Marlboro. I guess I'm an okay writer now. But damn.... I was such a Marlboro man... *trails off*

hilarious. very poignant to my situation. except I just smoke because I hate my life, not that it enhances my writing or anything.

I still feel scattered, unsure of what today is, what errands I'm supposed to run, who I'm supposed to meet, if I should go fetch my textbooks... a million random fucking questions that I really don't care to answer. I awoke from yet another fatty nap (haha, and so marks another quarter in the life of a shitty undergraduate... the fuckin nap) and I am listening to Bon Iver on my headphones, in the dark (it's only 3:14 pm!) and wondering if I should leave the house. I think i might actually leave the fuckin' house. Why the hell not? I'm just full of surprises today, aren't I? I do have to talk to Dominos though.... hrm.

godDAMN bon iver is good. the combination of the dreary weather, my apathetic mood, the ambiance of "the shire"... goddamn goddamn, I love it when people give me new music to check out. you always get that small apprehensive feeling before you begin to really listen to the entire cd; thinking 'fuck not another indie band with a one hit song' but godDAMN and I say godDAMN, that moment when you listen to a really good fucking song and boy, do they prove you wrong - it's a beautiful feeling. I'm going to wear out this one song (because god knows I play things on repeat until they reach the triple digit mark on itunes, and then I get sick of it - hell, aubrey gets sick of hearing the same song everytime she walks into the room)

ramble ramble, I'm just procrastinating from actually getting up, getting dressed, and walking outside. okay, here I go. hope everyone's first day went well/not so shitty.

...I'm going to play it one more time though. : )

love, free man

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