Tuesday, January 6, 2009

And so it begins...

Oh my god. I battled Seattle traffic today (and that is no easy feat) in the pouring rain to get to fucking Kent for the fucking Domino's Pizza new employee training session. To get to the I-5 S, it took me 50 minutes from the Wayward Home to the goddamned entrance to the freeway. JESUS. I was late. Naturally. I have no time-management skills. It was basically me, Bon Iver, a couple of Lucky Strike cigarettes, sideways rain, and a whole lotta fucking cars for two hours. fuck.

I burst into the room and lo and behold, I witnessed the saddest and ugliest bunch of people to ever congregate in a room at once. I silently slinked my way to an empty chair and second-guessed why on earth I was working there. Or was even hired. Am I hideous as well? Do I not feel? Do flowers instantly whither away when my smell is amongst them? Do mirrors shatter when I attempt to look into them? My god. lol.

I'm kidding. The job seems actually cool (besides the ugly people and apparently I am grouped with them as well!) - I am almost always in my car, I listen to my own music, I can smoke (but only in my car, against company policy to be exposed smoking and wearing a Dominos uniform), I am always from the supervisor for large increments... I mean, honestly, what's so hard about delivering pizzas?

There is one thing I am sad about though/concerned with. I look like a complete dork in the Domino's shirt and hat. : ( oh woe is me... carolyn looks like a dweeb..

I think I'm just going to start paying off my debt in pizza. what a life.

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kelsey. said...

pizza is always a good business to be in when you need moneys. trust me on that one.

i'm probably going back to pizza honestly.

fuck crepes.

except the nutella ones. those are yummy.

and the cabo chicken with egg.

fuck i'm hungry.