Sunday, January 4, 2009

Oh my God

I love that feeling of waking up, vision blurred, smudged eyeliner, pounding headache... and you lay there awake for awhile thinking only one thought: "what the fuck happened last night?" It's a beautiful feeling and a great way to start the new quarter/year. Happy Birthday, Ella! You can finally buy me alcohol instead of the other way around. Funny how that works.

My liver needs a break. I believe it is dying on me, this week has been nonstop drinking. I have a job, school is starting tomorrow, blah blah blah be more healthy blah blah.

Yeah no seriously though. I'm never drinking Big Bear in front of people again. I had no idea Big Bear is such a weepy drink. Maybe because I've actually never finished it before.... but still, FUCK. Three nights in a row of drinking Big Bear and I always end up crying/emotional. Fuck you big bear. I never cried after finishing a shitty pabst 40z. Oh well...

It's 2:01 p.m., I awoke a mere half hour ago, tried to figure out what went down last night, and decided to blog because I thought it was a great night (aside from the weepiness).

Alex and I went to Westlake to say hi to Kelsey (who looks absolutely lovely) because she was bored at work. She gave us a free crepe and I bought her pot. It was brilliant. Then we decided to pre-game at Umi's happy hour in Belltown. I tried warm sake. disgusting. had some sapporo draft; pretty good. I still think though that the best beer I ever had was in Canada over the summer... what was it called again? Honey lager? something like that. the sapporo draft had a similiar taste, but of course, it was missing the honey lol. Then we headed over to Ben's place for Ella's 21st. After reaching the point of shittyfuckingdrunk, I don't really remember what happened after that. Cherlaine has informed me we all starting singing "Oh Darling" together at one point and she dropped to her knees. A lesbian apparently hit on me and I was unaware she was doing it. And apparently Lisachang and Aubrey spun me around. Yeah. Sloppy drunks. All of us. Love you, Ella girl. Hope you enjoy being 21 and fabulous (as always). Sorry we're all a bit embarassing lol.

I enjoy change. I usually make change happen. But, I am worried about this quarter. Things are going to be different around the Wayward Home. A new "roommate" will be arriving and staying with us for three weeks. Cherlaine won't be over as much anymore, I will sorely miss her. I was on Facebook and walling each other's conversation. I loved summer. It was basically me, cherlaine, lisachang everyday at shinkatea. I miss summer.. I found the best wall post ever:

"this is our daily routine. cherlaine works at shinka at 6. I come in looking apathetic. she immediately starts her cigarette break, I of course, follow. we look apathetic together. she goes back to make Diner Dash a reality and makes more tea drinks for the slews of Asians that studies all the fucking time. she takes another cigarette break. I follow, of course. she goes back, repeat. I tell her to make me a goddamn drink. she calls me a bitch and makes one eventually. she kicks everybody out early. closes up shop. we drive back to the apartment and I throw more insults at her and she tells me to stop being an ass. and now she is taking over MY air mattress and I have to be the bitch and sleep on the floor next to her. the end."

sorry, now this blog is just an endless ramble. I am just going to have to embrace everything that comes. good and bad.

Thank god I'm leaving for NYC in two weeks. Can't wait to board a plane to JFK, take the subway to union square, and walk into a bar and order a gin and tonic. wuddup future city/home of carolyn/charlie.


Cherlaine said...

HAHA, the wall post about shinka/summer was so true.

fuck i miss summer and i already hate winter quarter.

eliza vladimir. said...

maybe you're just weepy.