Friday, January 2, 2009

Dear Dominos

Thank you very much for hiring me on the spot. I would be delighted to be your newest delivery driver. You guys seem hella sketch though, but that's Broadway for you, so I completely understand if you people may be a little bit... off. (Although, it speaks volumes that I instantly got hired by you guys. I suppose I can officially declare myself crazy as well/group myself with you people.)

Favorite quotes:
Sketch Mexican Cook #1: You're applying as a driver? YO BOSS, this girl's applying as a driver!
Sketch Mexican Cook #2: You go girl!

Carolyn: So, I was wondering if you guys were going to give me a GPS system or something to find my way through Capitol Hill?
Manager: Uhm, we have a map we can give you. You can read maps right?

Manager: *glances through my application* How come you didn't fill out the previous employee section?
Carolyn: Well, see---
Manager: *cuts me off* Doesn't matter what you did. You're hired.

fuckin' ballz. 2009, what a year so far. Carolyn and George together as a team, working for the man and making bank for rent and beer. OBAMAAA!!!

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Ed said...

you can drive your way into the hearts of people, and of course deliver pizza as well. whichever comes first. I'm still fun-employed. ! !