Friday, January 2, 2009


Germs have infiltrated my body once again. I have no idea who keeps getting me sick. I can't tell if it's the Wayward home that is full of invisible germs or if I got sick from someone from back home (Thyvu?? But... I got YOU sick from MY germs, so that means, I got myself sick..?) I woke up hella hungover this morning and wheezing a fit.

I have many things to do today. Such as... apply at Dominoes as a delievery girl, pay for rent, purchase a supply of contacts, purchase my textbooks (fuck), get groceries (livin' off 40z and eggs. what a life.)

I just want to curl up tonight with a book and read. Anne of Green Gables sounds lovely. and maybe a bottle of wine.... or another 40z. hm... or maybe I should take a break and not drink at all? HAH, good one carolyn. I mean, charlie. fuck. I may just grab a gin & tonic at cafe presse and make my way towards a 40 with Anne of Green Gables at my side and some T.I. playing in the background.

yep, sounds lovely. I hear it's going to snow tonight/weekend too. that may make driving a bit more precarious.... perhaps I could even get snowed in. that might be fun too, with all my girls and lots and lots of alcohol.

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