Thursday, January 29, 2009

Little (sick, frail, nauseated) Womanly One

The name Carolyn translates to either "free man" or "little womanly one". Today, I am a sick, frail, nauseated womanly one.

I've been feeling so out of it lately. I was wondering what caused my truancy these past few days (I knew it wasn't my usual self-deprecation, there was something slightly off)- IT'S BECAUSE I'M SICK. I don't eat healthy. I at most eat a slice at pizza at Dominos, whatever I can get at Mediterranean Express, or whatever I can scrounge up at home (which is nothing). Today, I slept through my morning class (again) and had to leave my socl class early because I felt faint.

I have been unable to keep up in school. Working full time is not cutting it for me. I can't seem to juggle a balanced life. fail.

I need to quit dominos or at least cut back on hours. Or find a better job that pays more than $8.55 an hour. I was thinking of getting an internship... but the only paper that I would actually consider getting a non-paying gig at would be The Stranger. Cmon, my form of journalism is reading The Onion and actually consider it hard journalism. The stranger seem almost too perfect. almost.

ahhhh. tired, wired and ruining way too easy. I suck at this. I just may have to go throw up now - but there's nothing in my stomach to throw up.. these are trying times for Carolyn (sarcasm)


eliza vladimir. said...

go buy soup.
why are you working so much if not to have money for food?

kelsey. said...

the crepes place is probably crying over my no-notice quitting and they pay $9 an hour....