Sunday, February 1, 2009


I am sucking hardxcore.

drowning in a sea of work. rejection letters coming and going (I want to be a writer, I should get used to rejection now) where does my rent money go to? rent, groceries, random shit that just accumulate.

forgot to do FAFSA. have two research papers due on the same day. I have to work all day on superbowl sunday because apparently people need their fucking pizzas during the superbowl.

you're supposed to be here and help me through this. this isn't fair at all. This has become some kind of one-way street relationship where you come and go whenever you please and reap the benefits whenever it's convenient for you. well you can just plain ol' suck it.

listening to The Weepies and feeling like weeping myself with a can of beer.

went to the zoo today. wanted to kidnap a fox. went to taco bell and wept over a burrito. what a day.

all-nighter here i come. wonder if I'll finish this paper come morning time. Aubrey and Abby fetched me 7 cans of red bull (lovely gals, the both of them). I can make this possible. I just need to finish by 9 a.m. when I have to go to work.

oh hey, funny isn't it? the world is still going. life ain't crumbling. people are still smiling. the sun came out today. children are laughing.


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