Thursday, January 1, 2009

I can't explain it.

I am drunk for the fourth night in a row. I have nothing to say. make believe people, life's real, you are basically fucked. don't explain love to me.

"She suddenly felt incredibly exhausted. The weight of a million lives came crashing down on her shoulders. The fear of the dark, the palpable loneliness, it was too much for someone of her physique to deal with. Simply too much. Her scrawny body was the outcome of leading a double life for far too long. Oh boy, how awful it must be to be stuck inside her mind. Her deteriorating mind had become a waste. Another waste due to abject misery. Another brilliant mind lost to the Age of Aquarius. She was just another stray dog living in this crazy fucked up world. That was all she was certain of, and for that, she shivered under her blanket as she looked out at the snow that had suddenly begun falling sideways. That was an indicator that it was becoming harsher, falling more rapid than before; the temperature was dropping. As the world was losing heat, she was losing the battle… and she knew it. She had no other alternative but to curl up as if she were sixteen again and cry. Oh, how she cried that night. The tear ducts that hadn’t shed a tear in over a decade suddenly burst open. There was a crack in the dam.
That’s all it ever takes, just one little crack."

love, charlie

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