Thursday, January 1, 2009

drunkin rambilngs

my god i am drunk... fourht night in a row.

free write. free man. free life. be free, be free to love, be a free man

what the fuvk is it all about? i can get off a plane and be in a difeferent city, but what does it even moean? what would be the point to step off the plane, with your luggage in tow, kissing your loved oned on the midway, and be without? am i the only one that thinks about this?

am i a drunk fool? or, do i have reaonsoble backing? knowledgE? education? love? life? friendship? relationships? career? the funn thing, i don't give a fuck.

I'm sick of being the person that makes the first move. I'm done. I hate forcing myself to make something 'real' happen in my life. fuck you.

I'm done being someone that waits idly by. I fi want to jump off a plane, I might as well. If iw ant to go to New tyork City on a whim, might as well. If i wanted to travel to the moon, and sightsee the atmeposhere, why not? I'm a free rambling man. I'm no Charlie, but I'm Carolyn, and for right now, that's good enoguh. right?

love, charlie. I mean.... carolyn.

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