Tuesday, December 30, 2008

Seattle, I love You

I welcome the new year with open arms. I woke up this morning with a piece of bread sticking out of my mouth. someone had stuck bread into my mouth when I was passed out last night. hilarious. nothing's changed. I am also currently drunk for the second night in a row. continuous effort on my part. am legally changing my name to charlie. sorry. I need a 'writer' name/persona, and right now, 'carolyn' hasn't been cutting it for me for the past nineteen years of my life. I've never felt like a carolyn. did you know 'carolyn' means 'little womanly one'? i thought that was really funny. however... 'charlie' means "free man". isn't that great? I would like to think of myself as a free man. hell, it's the title of my blog. very poignant, dontcha think?

seattle so far has been very good to me. I hate that feeling of stepping off a plane and you're in a completely different environment. I've felt somewhat discombobluated and naked without my glasses; but so far, I've gotten good reviews. I look somewhat older. Is that a good thing? I have yet to decide. I have lived a million lives; and yet, I still feel like a kid. I am the product of suburbia gone awry, a child that grew up too fast, parents that are considered hermits and oddballs. there's one thing that I absolutely hate though. I hate saying goodbyes. I'm sorry for all the people that I didn't get to say goodbye too, sorry for the little fights as well, and for the random mishaps... I'll come back home one day. with a bottle of wine and some tales to tell you. promise.

I am being very careful to spell everything in it's correct format. I am beyong drunk. 40z + little asian girl = don't mix. I foresee puking in my future. Life sure is swell. the 'family' is almost back together. almost. come back soon, sarah...

there's something wrong though. baby's missing. I'm waiting for my baby to come home to me. i hate waiting. I am not too fond of waiting. though, I do love picking people up from the airport. it is good to see familiar faces. hobbit-hole faces even...

i have a quarter of a 40 left. someone is singing. the ordona sisters are dancing. I am home.

love, charlie.

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ella said...


i will always love carolyn but welcome charlie with open arms.

you looked good last night, you fucking hipster. the ordona sisters missed you.