Wednesday, December 3, 2008


My body feels heavy. I've slept since 2:30 a.m. this morning till 1:00 p.m. - got up, went to my 1:35 class, ran some errands.... stopped by Little Saigon for a Vietnamese sandwich... came home, watched a couple of episodes of Always Sunny and fell asleep with my mouth open. I've been awake for five hours and basically slept this entire day away. I am sick, coughing, clammy, and I cannot tell if I have food poisoning or not.

What was that thing we learned in psych class? cognitive behavior.... no, wait not cognitive, it was that other thing? where once you are exposed to something that harms you - you basically don't tend to do it again. I do believe this is my fourth case of food poisoning/sickness from the SAME FUCKING PLACE. WHAT IS WRONG WITH ME???? I DO NOT UNDERSTAND. this isn't sick hope anymore, this is JUST STUPIDITY. I hate myself. I am absolutely filthy. Disgusting. ABSURD. I do not understand why anyone would take me as I am - I am a complete goof.

Goddamnit. Goddamnit all to hell. What a day.... Carolyn is pretty irritated. Mostly at herself, at her essay that wasn't even DUE TODAY, at her communications group presentation grade, at her terrible immune system, and basically, for being a complete all around idiot. I am a clown.

I'm going to remedy this. I'm going to retreat into the boonies otherwise known as Auburn, WA for the weekend. I'm going to get a fatty haircut on Monday. And I'm going to fuck my psych final so hard. But most of all - I AM NOT GOING TO BUY ANOTHER GODDAMN SANDWICH FROM SAIGON DELI.

I'll make all of you proud of me.

P.S. I have found the culprit. Cherlaine - you are the one that started this whole "sick" thing. I fucking shared that plate of noodles with you when you were still sick. VENDETTA!! Well, it could also be because Aubrey is sick... but I'm still going to blame you. I always do.


Lisa said...

dear carolyn,

its called conditioning.

your spouse,


Cherlaine said...

to be more specific it's called operant conditioning. something which you seem to be lacking.

and i am sorry that you're sick. i probably am the culprit.

Cherlaine said...

ps. am glad that you are no longer going to buy another sandwich from there again.

Ed said...

GURL you just need to build your immune system by eating more shit from "said" Saigon Deli. Because we all know those viets "mostly viet-congs AKA THE PEOPLE WHO FORCED OUR PARENTS TO LIVE IN THE JUNGLE AND DO THE JUNGLE BOOGIE-where am I going with this? oH yeah. just eat more sandwiches, because your weak ass immune system has CLEARlY not been exposed to such intestine track terrorism, this is way too long and its 1:53 am! I'm a loser! its was a friday night and I stayed home and watched Star wars ATK Of the CLONE WARS ON CARTOON NETWORK :( bymself. Y am I so pathetic.