Sunday, December 7, 2008

Carolyn's list of grievances:

-Gddamnit. I am so fucking congested.
-I hate my life.
-nyquil/leftover painkillers are definitely not helping me - progressively worse... although, am thinking the painkillers are really the ones at fault. perhaps will stop taking them. maybe.
-fuckin' ballz.
- internet suxorz. can't watch my tv shows at all. the hell am I supposed to do with all this free time? study??
-I haven't had a good night's rest in a vry long time. I keep waking up and having coughing fits.
-so much shit to study for. such shiet.
-apparently, Conan O'Brien is in town - fucking madrona to be exact. He's walked into Ella's coffeehouse several times already (his wife lives in Madrona). FUCK FUCK FUCK. That was ONE of my main reasons for coming up to Seattle for school, i hella knew his wife was from seattle. goddamnit. I'm leaving soon for california and I can barely lift my head from my pillow. I CANNOT BELIEVE I AM SO CLOSE TO THE DEMIGOD... and I won't even get to see him.. : (
-Pounding headache along with spurts of little nose bleeds. Small fever arising inside of me. A pile of dog shit looks better than I do right now.
-Can't concentrate. Am debating if I should just stake out in front of Arosa Cafe until Conan comes again. Ella, for fuck's sake, the next time he comes into Arosa PLEASE GIVE ME A CALL. I will show up, bloody nose, voice smeared with mucas, wild woman hair, germs physically visible on my pores... and i will still kiss him passionately and ask him to leave his wife, two kids, and dog for me. maybe not the dog, we'll just take the dog with us.
-I am physically exhausted. My immune system is terrible. Perhaps I shall take Edward's advice and keep eating those saigon deli sandwiches to build up my immune system?
-I am having a coughing fit while I am writing this blog.
-Getting a fatty haircut tomorrow. Am not quite sure how spontaneous I'll be in the moment - but the idea of regenerating the blonde seems quite appealing to me right now... no, maybe not the blonde. Took me fucking forever to get rid of it.
-Most of all, I just miss you.

See ya around, kid.

P.S. The National - Lucky You

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Kelsey said...

Me? Is it me you miss?