Wednesday, December 10, 2008

Carolyn ruins too easy.

Lately, I haven't said "goddamnit" or "fuck" when I wake up. However, I did groan and half muttered a curse when I woke up today. I could tell it was going to be another shit for ballz day in my miserable existance. Oh, how RIGHT I WAS. I groggily wake up in the a.m. to go to the doctor, walk out to my car, and BAM ANOTHER PARKING TICKET. goddamnit. goddamnit. Fuck you municipal court of seattle. George wasn't even covering your goddamn precious sidewalk. You've officially done it. I no longer have any patience for this. I cannot believe I have accumulated over $300 in parking tickets since I came up to Seattle. fuck you fuck you fuck you. Can't believe I got another shitty ticket today. Oh, one more thing.... FUCK YOU.

Went to see my shittyass doctor. The baffoon actually winced at the sight of me. I am losing my voice, and my nose is a leaking faucet. You're a fucking doctor, when someone is fucking sick, their nose tends to be runny. SORRY if I was SO disgusting that YOU JUST HAD TO WINCE WHEN YOU EXAMINED ME. FUCK YOU. The worst part was when I went to Bartell's to load up on medicine for the shitty train ride tomorrow, and the crazy black guy out front gave me a whistle and a grin - then I erupted in coughing fit and spewed mucas everywhere. His exact words verbatim: "heyy girrl how are you--- oh shiet.... damn girl, what's wrong with you?"

I am so pathetic. Am currently debating if I should make a quick trip to QFC and buy a couple bottles of champagne and just get wasted while attempting to pack. I am losing my fucking voice and I hate it. COMPLAIN COMPLAIN COMPLAIN. starving children in Africa. complain. global warming. anti-christ for a president. complain complain whatever. I can barely talk and I just want to punch a baby tonight. Let's go baby punching.


ella said...

"heyy girrl how are you--- oh shiet.... damn girl, what's wrong with you?"


i never got to say goodbye. your money is still in my wallet. goddamnit.

Ed said...

i'm down for baby punching, so they don't feel "as much" pain when they get older and realize no one gives a shit about them. :) bitter betty out.