Wednesday, November 12, 2008

Dear Hydrocodone

I think you are my favorite painkiller thus far. You knock me out quite easily, numb my entire body and are better then oxycodoine (and I thought nothing was better then oxycodoine!). I have been somewhat paranoid that you will be kidnapped by Lisa Chang's greedy little clutches when I'm out of the house... but thankfully, you are still tucked away on my nightstand, ready to serve me when I come home and to squash my swollen cheeks and to give me a one-two knock out punch into the deep darkness of sleep. Tres jolie, hydrocodone, tres jolie!

Anyway, I would like to kindly thank Cherlaine for driving me to get said surgery performed. She has been gracious enough to wait in the waiting room for me, wait for me to stop being unconsciousness, carry my ass back to my apartment, go fetch me painkillers... in general, thanks for being mah bitch. (Bitch.) Yesterday was a complete black-out, too many drugs were injected into my system for me to remember anything. It was glorious.

I guess it's the end of an era. Goodbye cigarettes! Goodbye Marlboros! You have served me well these past two years, but I'm afraid I need to move on (I have to move on, it wasn't a willing choice). I will miss using you as a social excuse to leave the room and not talk to people, but I guess now that I've quit smoking I guess I have no choice but to talk to people. Ah! Such is the misery of life.

I am slowly replacing cigarettes with more healthier things. Pour example, I wish to acquire (do) the following items to better my life:
-a kid drum set (I used to play the drums and I think it'd be adorable if I started it up again, BUT on a kid drum set! Genius, no?)
-start a band
-bring my guitar up from CA
-pentax camera (always wanted one)
-canon rebel (ditto)
-level up in WoW
-go to classes (esp. Seattle Central, the teacher hates me)
-finish up UW application
-be nicer to Cherlaine
-be more healthy/clean

Tomorrow, I register for classes, and if all goes well I will have no classes on Fridays. 3dayweekendftw. 40z and cocktails 9-5 bitches.

I am also going to go back to IHop and see if the guy still likes me enough to hire me as a waitress/hostess. He seemed real keen and knows me pretty well. He is also creepy and salviates whenever women are present. He's a keeper. A true gentleman. I would be proud to work by his side. I am also proud that I am considered crazy enough (and look crazy enough) to work at that IHop branch. Go Seattle!

If only my mother could see me now.

Your pal,
Carolyn K. Huynh


Cherlaine said...

"be nicer to cherlaine"
that's right bitch.
i'm glad to see you aren't so distraught over quitting smoking.
it's still a long process for me...goddamn it, i wish i hadn't started in the first place.

Kelsey said...

Hey jerk
I can't believe you're going back home before I get there. What if I have to move far away? Pfft.
Well hey. If you click on my profile you'll find the link to my Chile blog, but it's just boring shit for my family. I have my other one hidden, it's
I miss you. Jerk.
Feel better.
What'd you get done anyway?

Kelsey said...

Ps- I wrote a blog entry for you. In the eleqtronik one of course. You don't need to follow the obviopo one. It's shit.