Thursday, November 6, 2008

Dear drunken world

hello world. iwam drunk as helll right now. i went to art walk. drank to muchw awine. wine? wine!!!!!!!!! i looked at ar t andrea realized that itw asn't as good as ellas!!!! she is so fucking goodo it amazes me how good seh is. i wihs i was a better artist. friend. writer . huamn being. i love writing shitfaced. why? e=the truth comes out. i spilled so much winen on cheraline. i spilled mty guts ou t to cheralien drunkas frunk. i loveher. i am happy for er. i adore cherlaien. i am druka s fucl. i am so drunk. I AM DSO RUNK. OMG I OG AM SO DRUNK.

i wsh i hope everythign is better. cROLYN drunk as hell. crolyn write how happy she is . carolyn write good cherlaine. and abhubrey. roommate of carolny. caroltyn carolyn drunk carolyn wine carolyn realize hw rapp her best firned and rooomate is. cherlaine. aurbey. happy. alex hlaugjig. histerically. carolyn drunk. as per usual. caorlyn hapy

carolyn's dad called. carolyn pretned she was sober to fool her father. cafolny laughing so hard right now. carolyn soooooooooo drunk ridic. art walk. pioneer squeeare. adrunk.d DRUKN CAROLYN HAPPY CAROLYN SPILLE IWNE WINE OVE CHERLAINE. CHAERLINE FWIEN. CHERLINE BEST FRIEND CHAROLYN CNA'T READ WHAT SHE WROTE. CAROLYN HGO GO SMOKE LAST CIAGERRATE. CAROLYN NARRATE ILIFE. CAROLYN NARRATE LIFE. FUCK YOU ASSHLOES



ella said...

oh my god.

ella said...

this is still amazing after the fifth time reading it.

Carolyn said...

tell me I'm fabulous, ella. more fabulous then you.

Cherlaine said...

you are fucking hilarious.

and i don't think i could ever get tired of reading this.

ella said...

i hate using the word fabulous. but you, darling, are more fabulous than i.

also: thanks for the encrypted praise at the beginning of the entry.

Kelsey said...

dude. i love how out of alll the shit you wrote, icluding you name 600 times, you spelled "drunken debauchery" right, and without mixing up the caps.

go you. i miss your tiny drunk ass. you better not have replaced me as caregiver or i'll beat you.

Marco said...

carolyn is a narcisstic drunk.