Friday, July 17, 2009


5 more hours until my marine bio final. I am now starting to study for it. fuck.

My nose bled today. It was odd. First time that has happened to me since... well, since, I was a kid really.

My article came out on the Spectator. I like seeing my name in print. It makes me feel important.

You stood me up...? I hate men.

Harry Potter fangirl fanatic has once again emerged from high school years. I told myself to never reveal my true self in college. I am actually a stark-raving mad fangirl. I even wrote fanfiction once. This is why I am single.

I really need to pass this test.


Marco said...

Oh, I'm sure that writing fan fiction isnt going to stand in the way of you getting a date.

I have many freinds that write fan fiction!

Oh wait...

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