Sunday, July 19, 2009

500 Days of You

Lately, I am finding life to be getting more odd by the minute. I am unsure of how to handle things. I am clumsy with my words and my posture - please do not mistake it for charm. I know you are though, despite my indifference. You know, I think Seattle is one of the funniest cities I've ever been to/lived in. In one day, you can meet someone new and spend all day talking to them till midnight while bumping into Mistake #4 sitting outside reading at Cafe Vita. (Yes, you have become nothing more than a funny anecdote I tell people at parties. Be proud, you always make for a good topic of conversation - who else is that crazy??)

Summer school is officially over. I really hope I passed marine bio. Sadly though I only get to spend one week of it celebrating in Seattle. As Christina eloquently calls it.. "The Great American Road Trip" will commence in a week and a half. I CANNOT wait.

Saw the midnight showing of Harry Potter (I never miss a midnight showing). Movie was decent. Awkward, but decent. Jesus Christ though, when did everyone grow up to become xxxtremely hawt?

On the subject of newly released cinema... also just got back from seeing 500 days of Summer tonight. FANTASTIC movie. I recommend it to anyone that is not a robot and can convey basic human emotions: aka laughing and crying. It's a great post-break-up movie for anyone that has gotten out of a life-changing but unhealthy relationship. Though I might get slightly annoyed if The Smiths suddenly makes a 'popular' comeback because of this movie - if you're a loyal fan, you've always been a loyal fan and have never stopped listening to them.

In the past two months, I have met more people in Seattle than I have the past two years of going to Seattle U. Isn't that odd? Why is it that I connect so well with people who DON'T go to SU? Yes, I admit I have my qualms with the SU crowd - but who doesn't?. There is a thick veil that separates me from liking most of the general populous at SU; maybe because I feel disenchanted by their views on certain things and on how they can't seem to handle 'real life' very well. Oh well, I'm glad I'm meeting new people and actually connecting with them. I like being able to talk about LOTR for hours on end and which Wes Anderson film is the best. Silly dumb unpretentious shit that doesn't really matter but ends with the both of us laughing over a cup of coffee. I very much enjoy being around the company of awkward yet amiable people.

Anyway, enough on that topic.

More exciting news though. Will be attending The Treasure Island Music Festival in SAN FRANCISCO come October. VERY EXCITED. To get there... you have to get on a boat to get to the island. FANTASTIC. CAPS LOCK.

Okay, so the lesson(s) of this blog:
-Go see the newest Harry Potter for hot people and because it's Harry fucking Potter
-go see 500 Days of Summer if you need some help recovering from a bad break-up
-be good and do good - despite shitty circumstances. the universe has a funny way of rewarding you.
-everyone loves The Onion. People can talk about that shit for hours.
-listen to Regina Spektor. I find her good summer music accompaniment
-avoid Cafe Vita if you don't want any awkward run-ins
- and last but not least...

always remember that Seattle is a magical city. :)

Peace and love.


Cherlaine said...

hermione is xxxtremely hawt.

Marco said...

AAAAH! You better see Brazilian Girls at the music festival carolyn! vicarious living!!!!

and ron looked especially yummy.

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