Wednesday, May 27, 2009

Fuck my mediocre life

I am so disgusted at my time-management skills [or lack of]. Crunch time is all the time for me as of late. Am pretty much done with this quarter. Sick of school. Sick of where I live. Sick of being unemployed loser bum. It is 1 a.m. and I have finally buckled down to start this article that is due tomorrow at 1 p.m.

As of late, my interests have been aimed towards:
-Krautrock [interesting genre. experimental funk? That's how I would describe it.]
-young Morrissey pictures
-rummaging Value Village and Everyday Music for good deals on CDs. Just recently acquired the LOTR: Fellowship of the Ring soundtrack for 2.99. Life is so good.
-attempting to watch everything that Miyazaki has worked on/breathed on. Nausicaa was good. Totoro not so much.
-happy hour is every hour
-Tao Lin
-LSAT prep. fuck.
-several failed attempts at trying to purchase plane ticket for home but have realized that I need money to do so. possibly will be going home June 10/11-19th and will return forthwith to the Emerald City for summer school.

I've decided to only take one summer class - potentially another one, have yet to decide. Will work all summer. Save money. Road trip/couch surfing with Xxxtina to Chicago, Twin Cities and Cleveland this summer within a two-week span. Maybe another city if we can squeeze it in... Virginia? Am excited to live in Seattle this summer and travel to some of Uhmerika's greatest cities. This is Uhmerika, goddamnit.

P.S. The iphone nano? You are ridic, Apple.


TomatoOnWheat said...

You should read your wall more often. I can't go anymore. I just realized summer school starts the beginning of August. BUT I am also done with school June 10, so come down and hang out with me for a few days before I leave!!!

Ed said...

LSAT. :(

Ed said...

nope. i lack the critical literary skills and mind fuck logic. lol

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