Saturday, April 18, 2009


Filler, it's all just filler. Monday is supposed to be the sunniest day evarr - 71 degrees. Reminds me of California.

I can think clearly now. I am in abject contentment. Everything makes sense now. I got my answer.

I am the Great Wall of China. I am an Olympic Gold. I am Tom Cruise in Risky Business - cause sometimes, you just gotta say "what the fuck, make your move!"

I did make my move. I swallowed my pride. However, I did not see this coming. You have fucked me over. You were supposed to be my friend. You can have whatever the fuck you were missing back. It's all yours. But you and I? I am appalled that you did this behind my back.

If there is one thing I value, it is human decency. You have committed a crime. How dare you. goddamnit. I have stuck with you through thick and thin. goddamn you.

I am going on hiatus for awhile. What I write in this blog isn't how I want to be reflected as - meaning, I don't want to be seen as complete bullshit. Consider this the last post for a long while.

You win. I admit defeat.

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