Monday, February 16, 2009


-Animal Collective
-a brand spankin' new pack of Marlboros
-3 chapters of communication theories
-communication midterm
-communication essay
-40oz Pabstitty blows beer
-The Fatty Nap
-socil midterm
-about 3 20mg of XR (slow-release) en route to my grubby and lazy hands within the next three hours
-saying goodbye to you at the airport
-debating mixing adderall and pabst together, but that could potentially end in a health ledger-esque episode, and we don't want that... I think.

I am lackadaisical. What else is new? Been drunk since 2 p.m. ate cold pizza for breakfast. smoked two ciggies. ella fetched me a 40 oz (lovely gal, that ella), been listening to some janis and have moved on to all of animal collective in my library.

so this entire weekend I dicked around with Christina aka bffl from The Orange County days. spent hella money. possibly overdrafted on washington state debit card. and am NOW officially trying to start studying for my two midterms tomorrow.

The official way to deal with all of this is through a tiny little pill called adderall. It's a shortcut through life. The only way lazy fucks, such as myself, and truants (such as myself), who have absolutely NO idea what is going on in class because as a truant, one does not show up to classes- tends to take the easy way out of sticky situations such as this. Thank goodness I am the master at bullshitting my way through life. probs cause my life as a whole is bullshit. kisses!

before I start on this continuously grossing heap of pure unfiltered horse-shit... I'm gonna take a fatty nap. then I'm gonna pop a pill. then I'm gonna pull a jesus christ before it became A.D. era and make some goddamn miracles happen.


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