Thursday, February 12, 2009

Christina's coming

Purchased a vintage typewriter today. Everything works except the letter 'c'. The guy said the letter 'c' is useless anyways. I told him my name is Carolyn. He apologized and gave me a discount.
Everything just sounds so much better on a typewriter. You are blinded by the badassery -on the road jack keroauc - beat generation bullshit that you can't even see past the sea of shiny sparkly diamonds that are really just cubic zirconias: you are a hack.

I need to talk to someone. I need a killer conversation - complete with beer, a disposable camera, a long drive, the seattle skyline, the open road, your best friend, and someone waiting for you back home... waiting for you to come back to them.

a.) I have a fake. Acquiring beer is not an obstacle.
b.) I have three shots left in my disposable camera.
c.) I have George the Super Yaris (who was most definitely not recalled - fuck you 4-door 2009 yaris hatchbacks! see you in 'cute-car-hell'!)
d.) I live in Seattle.
e.) The freeway entrance is right down James - but if you want to avoid traffic, I suggest we either go north or take the exit down Madison st.
f. Christina comes tomorrow. She embodies all the qualities that a 'best friend' by book/society standards should have. Probably more. She is ethereal. Effervescent almost.
g.) I have a boy who I think will wait for me. That is if he doesn't get bored or finally realize that I'm not worth waiting around for.

I have no job. Classes are superfluous in a truant's world. I got nothing but the free world. I also have the affordability to make history on exactly $87.47 (according to my Bank of America statement).

Hey, what can I say... I'm in a chipper mood. Christina's coming. Shouldn't the bells be ringing? Why isn't Zeus himself descending down from Olympia to greet her? Where is the horse-drawn carriage? Where are the slaves? Who shall attend to her every whim? How can you expect a goddess to be a mere filthy human for three days?

I'm kidding. It's just Christina. She once didn't shower for four straight days.

See you soon, homegirl.

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eliza vladimir. said...

Ew dude don't talk about not showering. The grossest not-showering time period was clearly Memorial Day Weekend 2008. In the middle of fucking nowhere. With Jordan, the pot-smoking pregnant woman and her kind-of homosexual husband, and Jesus and Katie Babb. And then Harley the hitchhiker from Australia.