Friday, February 27, 2009

oh, you're a hard one

That's how she lived her life - a little desperate at all times.

I'm such a homebody. Someone come save me and pull me out of this miserable slump I've created for myself in my little cave that consists of consuming tangerines and an endless pile of movies that are just waiting to be viewed. SAVE ME. Take me out. Make me put on a dress. Lets go see a movie. I'm sick of holing away in my bed all the time.

Sorry for ignoring everybody. I'm really not a terrible person. I'm just a lazy fuck that can't seem to get her ass out of bed to go see friends. Forgive me. I'll be a better person; though it may take some time. Be a little more patient, si'l vous plait.

I am reading D.H. Lawrence and hating you a little bit. Just a little.


Marco said...

tangerines? so cheap and juicy!

ella ordona said...

get your fucking ass out of bed and let's go to the bar.