Wednesday, February 18, 2009

freeeee falllin'

past two days have been somewhat hectic. my health has returned. (or whatever was left). have officially reverted back to consuming favorite indian dish from maharaja in sloth-like manner tonight. oh, and the fab veggie sandwich that ella lovingly made with her aphrodite hands today at arosa cafe.

I reread my entries from last night and am appalled at the maniacal state that I was in. my mood was rapid fire. note to self: do not consume more than 10-15 mg XR during a night. dully noted.

my miserable attempt at trying to go to sleep is fail-hardxcore. lesbians are partying as if they own capitol hill. they're partying as if they made it into the stranger under 'party crashers'. it's almost as if they know they've become the shit-factor of the hill. they have fully acknowledged THE POWER. you know the power, the power of COOL.. and it has become a detriment to all of the trolls that live beneath them.. i Mean, the wayward women's... sleeping patterns. fuckkk. lisa has just informed us she texted brian asking him to tell everyone to quiet down. brian's response: "yo girl I'm not at the house. but lady r u 21? come to cha cha 4 drinks on pine!"


anyway, have finally figured out schedule for next quarter: physics, theology and philo 220. i'm talking to my advisor tomorrow to figure out my schedule for summer quarter. see you fuckers later, I'm graduating early! you'll probably find me in the darkest corner of any sleazy seattle bar come next spring quarter - getting drunk off my ass, dodging my student loan officer, and avoiding the blue-collar work I'm chained for life to. I was thinking if I wanted to walk in 2010 or 2011. if I walk next spring, I won't really have anyone to converse/enjoy the moment with.. or I can wait a year to walk with my favorite ladies. or, I could fuck it all and not walk. it's overrated like prom. I was a bit worried that I wouldn't be able to handle the work load to graduate in time, but I just got back my economics paper today. 48/50. I may be hella lazy, but I got some mad skills at bullshit. gave me validation/encouragement that I can do this. liberal arts degree, here I come! new york city here I come! becoming part of the status quo! yeah!

I have to wake up in exactly 5 hours. why? because my whore of a dentist refuses to give me any other slot time but the cursed 7 a.m. slot. I have waited 3 weeks for this appointment - I have no choice but to go. monthly teeth cleaning. (I kid, more like every 3-5 months, or whenever I have dental insurance lolz. mostly more of the latter though. insurance has become a rare commodity these days for me.)

I just have to survive today and tomorrow's midterm - then I'm freee fallllin' (kings of convenience cover, s'il vous plait).

oh, and p.s:

wub ya.

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Cherlaine said...

the lesbians upstairs party far too much and much too loudly.
i will be in seattle this summer, fuck the abyss.
and you are the queen of bullshit. haha.