Monday, November 3, 2008

Dear Universe

I realize that I have been really hard on you lately. I blame you for my sad little existence. Okay, maybe it hasn't been lately. Maybe it has been 19 years that I've shitted on you. But you started it first. Everybody knows you did!

Tomorrow is the deciding factor. Obama vs. McCain. As a journalism major, I've been terrible at following the election process. I admit it wholeheartedly. Yes, I read the NYtimes (it is my homepage), yes, I've watched a good chunk of the debates, I curiously YouTubed Tina Fey's impression of Sarah Palin, of course, thoroughly enjoyed it, had many discussions about the election in my journalism class, yes yes all that good stuff. However, I will also admit that everytime I get an email from Barack/Michelle Obama - I delete that shit. I have also hung up on every Obama supporter that has called me at the oddest times during the night to ask for money or ask for my support in voting for Obama. If it's 2 a.m. in the morning, I'm not really in a patriotic mood and gunho about Obama. Also, I apologize for my cursing. You must realize how late it is. You must also realize that I have always been a supporter of Obama. There were times where I wavered and wasn't quite sure about all his grandiose plans. I mean, where is he going to get all the funding/money? But for some odd reason, I have faith. I need change. I think the world needs change.

I've been selfish lately. I've been thinking mostly of myself. Where is my earthquake shattering moment? Me me me. I realize now that I am just one in the many that need change. I have neglected my duties as a citizen, as a student, and as a friend. America needs change. America needs Obama. I have been apathetic for a very long time. Uncaring, unresponsive, unrequited towards those that have reached out to me. I saw Obama speak in Seattle last year. Riveting. I have never felt more alive and more "American" as I did that day. It also felt pretty college. Oh, you know, the freshmen in college talking politics over cigarettes and coffee. It was also all bullshit. Talking about politics isn't going to get anywhere. It's called action. Taking initiative. Baby steps for me.

I realize now that tomorrow's decision is what should - no, what will make me stand up; make me get up in the morning, go out and do good. This isn't some crap New Year's resolution either where I say I'll quit smoking and not quit smoking - this is called "promise". If the junior Senator of Chicago can make it all the way to a showdown to be the leader of the free world - I need to start going to classes. It's called showing promise. It's called being a citizen, a student, and a friend. I have been slumming for far too long. I realize now that my earthquake is tomorrow. I am voting for Obama not because he's popular, charismatic, African-American - but because I realize that he is my earthquake. I have faith - and honestly, that's saying a lot for me.

I really don't care who you vote for. Why should I reprimand you for who you believe will help benefit this country more? In the end, we all want what's best. And I just so happen to believe in Obama. Although, I must say, the only Republican friend that I have is actually voting for Obama (cough Lisa Chang). When she told me she was voting for Obama- that was it. My vote for Obama was officially sealed. If you guys know Lisa - you KNOW she is the biggest Republican the world has ever met. (fast cars & monies rawr rawr)

I remember in the 90s when I was in the 2nd grade and we held "fake" elections and cast our ballots for either Clinton or Bob Dole. I remember voting for Clinton because Bob Dole looked scary and Clinton looked like a nice man. I realize now that appearances aren't everything. (Although Obama is vry vry seksi and Clinton was an excellent preseident. slutty. but good) I am very proud to be 19 and to be apart of the biggest presidential race ever. There are times when I talk about leaving America and renouncing citizenship - but I realize that I always run.

I think I should stop running.

I won't be drinking my sorrows away tomorrow night, instead, I shall be celebrating with good friends and a bottle of champagne. I am alive to see a young and intelligent man with a gameplan of changing the fate of this country become President of the United States tomorrow night. And I will be a proud citizen, student, and friend tomorrow.

Your pal,
Carolyn K. Huynh

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Cherlaine said...

we do need change and obama will be able to bring that.
when we were discussing this in class i felt like a part of history, not just some menial college student. someone who could actually do something.

i'm glad that you're not running anymore.