Sunday, November 23, 2008

Dear Sir

My body feels heavy, my mind is racing, my heart is doing flips. I am more paranoid and anxious than normal. I have two essays, two books to read, a flight to catch, a few old friends to see, a dog to hug, a sister to tell how much of a whore she is.... it's all jumbled in my brain. In the end, it is superfluous in the grand scheme, because none of it wouldn't be as important without you. You make me want to brush my hair, put on contacts, stop being an ass, go to classes, put on make-up, hell, you make me want to leave the house - and that's saying a lot.

You are one brave soul for taking me on.

I feel strange. I don't think I've ever quite experienced this kind of happiness without the help of a couple glasses of wine and a few cigarettes. Hm...

I am off to Chinatown for a last hurrah with Amrit before she leaves. girl talk rawr rawr. I'll probably go back home, crawl into my bed, turn off the lights, watch a couple more episodes of Zeitgeist (9/11 totally inside job, bitch), procrastinate on my essay... but for some odd reason, the idea of taking a fatty nap doesn't come to mind. wow. fuck's sake, I'm already a changed woman.

Your pal (you are more than a pal)
Carolyn K. Huynh


kelsey. said...

Does Chinagate still exist?
Cuz if it does,
you're taking me out for drinks when I get back. (in 9 days.)
I'm gonna show you bitches how to get drunk like the Chileans do.

Cherlaine said...

you have no idea how happy i am for you.

ella said...

oh fuck. is this what i think it is?

Carolyn said...

oh, ella. lol. :)

TomatoOnWheat said...

i don't know how to deal with happy carolyn. this is an entirely new experience.

wait five minutes until i recover from my shock.

Amrit said...

I am very very happy for you...but seriously 4 in the morning? Have you wiped that cheesy smile off of your face yet?...i hope you havent!

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