Monday, November 24, 2008

Dear California

So I bought me a ticket
I caught a plane to Spain
Went to a party down a red dirt road

There were lots of pretty people there

Reading rolling stone, reading vogue

They said, how long can you hang around?

I said a week, maybe two,

Just until my skin turns brown

Then I'm going home to California

California I'm coming home

Oh will you take me as I am

Strung out on another man

California, I'm coming home.

-Joni Mitchell "California"

I am nervous. It is an odd idea- seeing my family for only a few hours and then catching a flight back to Seattle the next morning. My mother has no idea I'll be in LA for three days, she thinks I am flying in for one day/a couple of hours. I'm only stopping by my house to see my dog and to ask for help on rent money. It'll be strange... seeing them again. Hopefully, I won't look too shitfaced when I show up on my front steps after Mexico.

I hope Buckley still remembers who I am.

I am excited for: the Hughes' sisters, Thyvu, gorgeous French men, making Thanksgiving dinner, Buckley, good conversations, margaritas in Mexico, getting the hell out of Seattle, seeing my whore of a sister, and I suppose the idea of home; whatever that means.

I sure hope the weather is nice down there. I'm kidding. It's always nice.

Your Pal,
Carolyn K. Huynh


Kat said...

seriously, stop calling me a whore.

p.s. miss your shitty-ass face.

kelsey. said...

So then are you still going home early for Christmas? Like, before I get back? I'm confused.
Ps- I grew up in a cute little town named Buckley.