Tuesday, November 18, 2008

Dear Miserable Wench(es)

I took hella fatty naps today. Cherlaine woke me up from said fatty nap and wanted me to take her to Auburn and back. I accepted the quest because she is bffl after all. The whole ride there we were shouting Always Sunny quotes at each other:
"Get me a flagon of ale, wench!"
"I'll beat him about the face, chest, and maybe the groin until he has no more life pulse!"
"You keep your sister as your slave?"

Walked in half an hour late to my 8:15 class. The professor gave me an irritated look and grudgingly accepted my essay. I came back home, sat on my bed, and had a lengthy debate with Cherlaine slash Aubrey about going to my Central class. I decided that my presence there was not needed. It hasn't been needed for the past five weeks, so why bother now? So, we all decided to take fatty naps together. That's how homegirls roll.

Am now currently in psych 12o. sitting next to BFFL aka Cherlaine. I still blame her for making me take this useless class. I just dropped 3k on a class I don't even need. She has been the bane of my existance for far too long. But she is making it up to me and has agreed to help me level up. we are awesome for playing wow during class. In fact, we made a several new fwiends today. a gnome mage and a druid night elf. the gnome mage seemed like a real cunt though. the druid night elf, lisachang, and carelyn had an epic battle at the frostmane cave. I, of course, died on both carelyn and druid night elf:

lisachang craps out during epic battle and is currently trying to find her body.
carelyn (aka Cherlaine) the gnome: sry. i have 2 wait for my dead friend.
druid night elf: k. l8ter.


Cherlaine and I have decided to skip the second half of class so we snuck out during break. The professor is extremely wary of the both of us; she knows we're a package deal. One cannot be present without the other. One cannot live while the other survives (harry potter prophecy, bitch) This has been a recurring theme for the past five classes.
Cherlaine has graciously agreed to buy me dinner (vry nice of her) as well as for Wisa Wang. I, in exchange, buy her beer. having fwiends is nice.

just woke up from another fatty nap. I feel like I've been subsisting off of 2 hour increments of fatty naps, food poisoning, cowboy bebop, Cherlaine's Marlboro 27s, and good conversation. I still feel like a miserable wench though. Cherlaine and Aubrey are also miserable wenches as well. we validate each other's existence.

I feel very lethargic. am currently debating if I should do something tonight, or just curl up in my bed, streamline some shows, wallow some more, throw back a couple of Coronas, sneak attack a cigarette in, and call it a night.

lolz. I'm gonna watch some anime, drink some cranberry juice, put my hair up, continue the debate on the subject of naps with Aubrey, plead with Cherlaine to help me level up tonight, tell Cherlaine she's an ass for not doing it, go smoke a ciggie with Cherlaine cause she is terrible at not giving me anymore cigarettes, and call it a night with a couple of miserable wenches.

Your fellow wench,
Carolyn K. Huynh

P.S. Someone needs to wash the fucking dishes. and it's not gonna be me. I'm not gonna do Charlie Work.


ella said...

"sorry. i have to wait for my dead friend."

i hope you know i shit my pants when i read that.

Cherlaine said...

don't call me a wench you stanky ho.

Ed said...

What the fuck you played WoW? in psychology. what the phuc. SRSLY WHAT DA PHUC. In my shitty psychology we ya know.... TOOK TESTS. and wrote essays. p.s DRUIDS PWN UR FACE. lyke mad pwn.