Wednesday, April 15, 2009


Here lays Carolyn K. Huynh. She was known for being irrational, spontaneous, apathetic, detached... and some might even say a crazy-bitch, but most of all, she was known for her sick quest of wanting nothing more than fierce love and being ballparks, galaxies, chocolates and plus more in return. As a young woman of 19 years old, she loved reading The Onion, playing Pet Society, consuming tofurky & hummus (sometimes together), putting hot sauce on everything - but most importantly, she was a skinny love. She often liked to pretend that she was an Aretha Franklin song, a sassy woman about town drinking cocktails left and right - but in the end, she let the world get to her and she turned into a trashy version of Carrie Bradshaw, nurturing a beer belly and trying not to scratch her bed bug bites. In the end, she lost all sense of who she was. Her patience wore thin. She eventually went into the bathroom one night to end it all, grabbed a pair of scissors and as she stared at her reflection in the mirror, she took note of her sad eyes and cut away the one thing that shielded her from the rest of the world. That night, Carolyn died a little bit inside as she stared at the trash can and saw 7 inches of what used to be her hair laying very still next to a used tampon.

Carolyn is survived by a group of wonderful girlfriends that she couldn't have made it through life without. In her final days, she was sorry she neglected a lot of them, but she was too selfish to realize her mistake. Her baby pillow and MacBook were there for her to comfort her in her last moments. If I recall, the last thing that Carolyn did in this cruel world was watch a video of a fat cat trying to get through the cat flap door. She left the world knowing that the cat eventually got through the door after a full minute, because well, it's fat. She was in a rather chipper mood when she left knowing that the cat finally made it, but first, she told Cherlaine she thought it was very funny.

Then she died.


TomatoOnWheat said...

then she died...

but then resurrected herself for enough time to write her own eulogy

Marco said...

I wish I could write as well as Carolyn did. She will be missed.