Saturday, April 4, 2009

Dear anyone that still reads this blog

Life's a trip.

A quick update on my not-so-interesting life:

-saw Women/Cataldo at Chop Suey and Lady Krishna at Piecora's
-my liver hurts
-discovering new bars on cap hill
-building up my journalism skills (thanks ella/ben for allowing me to interview you today- and thank you again for ashing on me)
-thanks justin/alex for buying a round of drinks tonight
-new quarter and I am busy and still very apathetic towards school
-saw amrit/amrit's boyfriend yesterday and it was lovely seeing her boootiful face again
-shotgunning rainier beer
-may be a bit of an alcoholic
-love love hong kong style chow mein from chinatown
-the wayward house is quiet tonight
-I am helping produce the short film 'Nasty Cinema' for SIFF for my digital production professor - come check it out when it opens for the festival!
-am still jobless
-working out the kinks and networking for the Gimli's (the bar). I have convinced the cooks at purple cafe to come work and invent the menu for us. huzzah!
-we'll always have cleveland. : )

Your pal,
Carolyn K. Huynh


Cherlaine said...

i still read your blog. thoroughly enjoyed reading this, it has been a while.

TomatoOnWheat said...

wow you've made great strides towards befriending the head honcho since i've been gone

slash/ using the people you know for whatever resources they can give you