Sunday, March 22, 2009

Dear Ella

I have my cheerful disposition on right now. Thanks for the blog entry (it was funny) and thanks for having us over today. It has cured my blues temporarily.

What a queer day this has been... I wake up drunk, putter around the house at 5 a.m. consuming tangerines, pacing around, trying to rid myself of my hangover - I eventually crawl back into bed with the BF. I awake with a start only a mere two hours later to the sound of my phone vibrating angrily. fuck me. must take BF to airport. So, I trooped on, splashed some water on the face and unwillingly took the BF to the airport. I use the word 'unwillingly' because I was more than happy to keep driving and take him hostage for a week.

Cherlaine and I putter around some more, wondering what to do. We eventually decide to go to Ella/Ben because they were making paper. I don't remember why, but they were making paper. Something to do with art. (I'm kidding, I know why.)

We dick around with Ella/Ben. I watch Ben/Ella/Cherlaine do impromptu epic jam session in the sunshine. We then get thai food. social interaction - it's a funny thing. it only really works when you like the people that are around you.

Cherlaine/Carolyn leave for Wayward Home. We put on loud ostentatious fist-pumping music as background noise as we cleaned up the couch/living room area. The living room looks very college - we dig it. (You'd like it very much, Sarah.)

Cherlaine/Carolyn then decide to smoke a bowl. Then we did something silly and made music together. Cherlaine Guitar. Carolyn Dulcimer. We both took turns with tambourine. It sounds sloppy and uncoordinated - and most definitely out of tune - but towards the middle we felt sound move in our body and if you listen to it without judgment - it doesn't sound too bad. We just need to practice more (it's been a while since I've played anything) - get Aubrey to do some vocals, add in a harmonica, etc etc. Hella baked though.

We have a love/hate thing with this. Feedback would be nice. (Note, it gets progressively better after I shout a hearty ' fuck me'):

CRAP - Carolyn & Cherlaine

We ended the night watching the Last Samurai and had a few laughs.

Overall, a nice day. It reminded me of summer.


ella ordona said...

fuck guys.

why don't you break this shit out more?

shoegazer without the crazy effects.

ella ordona said...

p.s. love you, even with the constant snide comments.

Marco said...

Carolyn. I expected not to like your "music".
I did.
Call it avante-garde.