Monday, February 9, 2009


Current interests/updates:
-Girl Talk (used to listen to them every once in awhile, but am slowly starting to genuinely like him.)
-waiting to hear back from several potential internships
-have switched permanently to gmail. fuck yahoo. they fucked me up the butt.
-eagerly awaiting Christina's arrival
-ditto on 'New York, I love You'
-planning several future trips (chicago, new zealand, vietnam)
-found the password to my lastfm account. started it in 2007 and am dicking around on it because I don't want to write my essay.
-have returned to vegetarianism. it is the fourth day and I've been doing well.
-Sunday night. you + me = :)
-reading the letters of D.H. Lawrence
-I need to run down to Camera West and buy some film to see if my ricoh camera actually works

Current status towards life:
-am burnt out.
-am apathetic.
-am consuming mini peanut butter cups in fistfuls
-am tired
-enjoys complaining
-enjoys shitting on crap life

it is 1:07 a.m. I am finally attempting to start this essay.

1 comment:

kelsey. said...

"I can't come over tonight, I have an essay to write...."

I go to bed at 11 jerk. You wouldn't have started until 1 anyway.