Monday, December 22, 2008


I have been unable to blog or go online (for large increments, facebooking totes does not count) for a week since my sister came home. Her mac has been sucking the internet life-force out of my room. I know you read this sister, so fucking stop sucking all the internet. goddamn it.

Anyway, life has been somewhat pleasant. I've been eating very well lately. Saturday night I had dinner with an old friend and his parentals. Sunday night, Stephanie's mother invited me over for some fine chicken pot pie. All is well with the world. I am no longer surviving off of $1 cheeseburgers from the $1 McDonald's menu. I am hoping that I will be getting more invites this week for a nice homecooked meal. You know whose cooking I miss? Mrs. Peggy Castner. (getting the hint, homegirl?)

My life consists of waking up into the late afternoons, saying hello to my mother as she comes home from work, taking over her beat up Toyota Avalon and going out on long drives while smoking in my mother's car and listening to some fine T.I. It's a nice life, dontcha think?

WELL IT AIN'T. I'm fucking sick of it. It was nice the first week, but this is just ridiculous. I am back in the emerald city in a week, and I cannot wait. I want to hurry home to you, put on a slow dumb show for you... Seattle, here I come!

Aubrey called me last night to collaborate on the D.C. trip. We are the worst people at planning things, especially for things that require lots of little details. Scatterbrains at most, absent-minded most people would call us, not into "details" one might even describe... it's more like we are just really fucking lazy. We got several options going for us, tickets to D.C. are now $400-600. which is fine, Aubrey has her miles, and I have some money saved up (and by money saved up, i mean my rent money). the thing is that the cheapest tickets are NOT non-stop, we have several layovers along the way, stretching a 6 hour flight into 11 at most. perfectly acceptable. I once had 3 layovers to get to fucking Boston. I once took a 35 hour train ride to get to California. I am a GODDAMN TROOPER, GODDAMNIT. I will see Obama's inauguration goddamnit! OBAMMMAAA!! okay, rant over. We're going to D.C. jan. 19-21 (hopefully). We are not spending money on a hotel or anything frivolous like food. We're sleeping in the airport and drinking beer to keep us warm during the cold D.C. winter. YA DIG? OBAMMAAAA!!

That's mostly. it. Oh, but I did get contacts. i've been having a terrible time putting them in. It's like a struggle to put something in my eye. There are lots of cursing, tears, wimpering, grunting... kinda like what sex would be like, I imagine. I motherfuckin hate contacts... but DAMN, I look good! I'm kidding. I always look like a pile of crap.

Oh, but Marco did take me to see the Charmed house in L.A. EXCITING. I wonder if Phoebe saw us coming? haha! Get it? Cause she has premonitions... nevermind.

Anyway, I am no longer internetin' or ichattin'. So, call me if you wish to converse. I probably won't pick up cause I hate talking on the phone, but I'll look at my screen and think "oh, it's so-and-so, how nice."

P.S. I am looking for an invite to spend Christmas with. So if any of you lovely so called "FRIENDS" of mine, wish to extend an invite to join your family, I am totes digging it. Don't mind me if I end up a little shit-faced, I'm used to being the drunk girl.


Marco said...

this is what you get for giving me less than inch.

see if i ever drive you more than 20 miles anywhere.

catherine said...

and i have now discovered the blogs of carolyn huynh...

my life has begun...