Thursday, October 23, 2008

fuck you, kevin.

You know what I live for now? New episodes of Always Sunny in Philadelphia being posted on I wish I could be like them all the time. I find that their humor does not relate well in real life. If I were to make racist jokes all the time - I'd just come off as a complete dick.
Pour example [true incident]:
Cherlaine and I are walking on campus.
We see an Arabian guy.
I yell terrorist.
She looks at me in shock and tells me I'm a terrible person.
Do you see what I mean??
It's not like I actually mean it. I'm not racist. Although, I am towards Koreans. I hate Koreans. But every other race is acceptable in my book. Especially Jews; you guys are more then welcome to leaf through my book anyday.

Anyway, today was once again another useless day in my existence. I woke up at 7:25 for my 8:15 am class. Looked up at my ceiling and said "I don't think so", went back to bed and missed my history 121 class and slept through my creative writing class at Central. I just don'tgiveashit. College has completely disappeared from my agenda. I haven't shown up to Central in a very long time, hell, I can't even remember the last time I went.

Went to work. Should've called in sick. I hate working there. Vu is driving me crazy. He gave me a lecture for an hour and a half about life and being a salesperson and trying to relate it to my major. I'm just so used to it by now that I've grown so apathetic towards whatever he says to me. It's like I have been desensitized to Gay Asian Designer Men. Today however, was especially terrible. I know what brought on this onslought of a lecture today too. It was Kevin. The other Gay Salesperson co-worker and Vu's prodigy child. The fucker ratted me out. I'm going to smash his face into jelly and eat his babies. VENDETTA!!! VENDETTTAAAA!!!!!!!

The worst part about working today was this slight little incident that was nobody's fault. Okay, it might've been my fault.

As I was reaching for the vaccum to clean the store, my shoe got caught on the dressing room curtain - unbeknowst to me - so I drag the vaccum out into the store but I am yanked back by my shoe being caught. I am caught off guard, grab the vaccum for support - fall down into the hardwood floor; smack my head into the vaccum then my head hits the floor and I pass out for a couple of seconds - this entire time my foot is in the air because it's still caught on the curtain - when I finally regain consciousness after a few seconds, I try and pull my foot off from the curtain but instead, the entire dressing room falls down and on top of me.

And that my friend, is why I have been fired from every single job that I have had.

fuck you, Kevin. I'll get you and your fucking hipster-ass scarf that you always wear. my revenge will be swift and you won't even KNOW WHEN IT HAS HIT YOU.


Cherlaine said...

"i'm gonna eat your babies bitch."

very hilarious.

i really think that a camera crew should follow you around. especially in situations like this. or during psych when you verbally degrade that shit for brains kid.
what's his name again? douchebag mcgee?

Ella said...


Amrit said...

lmao I wish I could have been there.